Volkswagen Not Too Big To Fail. For 2 Years.

Volkswagen’s insidious software hack intended to cheat diesel emissions testing is, perhaps, the worst violation of environmental law to date. V-dub is facing huge fines (setting aside US $18B, planning of the worst) and criminal action.  Basically the story is this: When faced with the high cost of new emissions equipment to keep levels legal, Volkswagen decided to create a software hack that momentarily reduced emissions during testing.  

Global warming is a certainty. Smoke stacks pounding the atmosphere with carbons are melting ice caps and f’ing up our ecosystem. Cars and cow ass aren’t helping. Clearly, we have work to do. But Volkswagen leadership doesn’t seem to give a shit. In my book, they are eco-terrorists.

Here’s how I would deal with VW, were I president. Fines in the American tax system are probably tax write-off or work-arounds. I’d give VW a 2 year death penalty in the U.S. Just as we sit athletes for cheating, let’s sit VW. No new car sales in the U.S. for two years.

And don’t tell me it’s harsh. Yeah American VW workers would feel it. Make then keep workers on payroll to an extent. VW is not too big to fail in the U.S. It’s time to take corporate environmental terrorism seriously.



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  1. Karl’s avatar

    I guess you don’t buy the argument that Diesel emission standards are higher in US than even in EU because so few US-branded cars are Diesels?

    Granted, two wrongs don’t make a right, but my understanding is that mile for mile, Diesels generate less carbon, becuase they burn less fuel, certainly, than a Chevy Suburban in cow-ass metallic.


    1. Steve Poppe’s avatar

      Completely agree with you Karl. Diesel engines are more eco-friendly. It is a high horse upon which I sit. Even as a Prius driver. The point of the post is corporate leaders everywhere need to held accountable for the future. It’s a start. Thanks for the comment sir.


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