Twitter Blather be Gone.

You’ve seen Twitter personalities with an inordinate number of follower. Or those with 100,000 tweets. Are these serious and effective business people or subject matter experts?  Often, no. They are all about creating churn on Twitter. And if they do it on Twitter they’re apt to do so on Facebook as well.

When I see these people, unless they are Kardashian, I know they’re in the business of social media; trying to make a living selling their social media expertise. Twitter is best when it’s not overtly commercial. When the important stuff floats to the top. Not when the important stuff is buried under a bunch of promotional blather. Once something good is under the fold, it’s pretty much gone.

We need to do a better job of filtering out the Twitter blather from our feeds. I plan on removing some Tweeps beginning today. I love Twitter. I follow smart business people, strategists and thinkers. When I hide them among the weeds, it’s a problem.





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