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I wanted to flame a senior care organization my mom spent time in and was looking for a Yelp or Google kind of comments page in the senior care space. I found something called Senior Advisor, who baited me with a couple of comments then, in order to get to the 4th review, requested my name and tel. number. Almost before I finished typing the form, the phone rang. I kid you not. It was someone from Senior Advisor. I asked if they were that fast and she said, yes. “Some of our seniors need help right away.” Nice response.

This in not artificial intelligence (AI), but it’s pretty darn impressive. And intrusive. And scary.

I can’t get my email to send instantaneously and this lady was dogging me about my mom is nanoseconds.  Privacy isn’t just about spam and selling lists, it’s about decency. I loathe robo calls from unsolicited vendors.  I don’t much like door-knockers. Email spam I can live with, so long as there is a way to unsub.

Smart brands and smart marketers understand annoyance. No brand wants to be annoying. So why is there so much of it?

Senior Advisor bordered on annoyance. But for now I will give them a unsettled pass. Now, if they could have told me how to ding my mom’s senior care place…



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I know the world is a digital world. And I don’t want to go all “geezer” on you, but if I hear or read one more CMO or CEO say they “want to increase engagement” ima (sic) go all Baltimore. Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppleman used these words yesterday to defend his poor quarterly performance. I understand that the product is an online content play, fueled by user activity, growth and advertising but the word engagement just feels so dissociated from sales and revenue.

In the heyday of TV Networks (last week?), earning calls didn’t talk about the act of watching TV or focus on the number of viewers? (Of course show ratings were important.) They top-bottom lined the bottom line — with gross ad sales and net revenue.

Here’s the litmus test: If you are looking to purchase an online property with your own money, who would you want in your meeting: the chief engagement officer or the chief financial officer?

Start-ups, growth companies and mature enterprises of the digital nature, need to keep their eyes on the prize. The stuff that goes into the bank. The bank bank. Not the engagement bank.

Engagement is a means to an end, some are forgetting the ends. Peace.


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