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Wither Yahoo?

When was the last time you actually typed dub dub dub on your keyboard? Thought so. How about thumbed those keys on your mobile? Thought so. Yahoo needs a big shot in the ass. A story to break. A reason to visit. Now that it’s football season, I actually do spend some time on the Yahoo — on the Fantasy Football site. And I love their streaming Fantasy Football Live program Sunday mornings – but even that has been dinged by some silly heavy handed gimmicks called Daily Fantasy Price, moving them into the gambling business. But at least it’s a try. It’s something.  As for the rest of Yahoo: “ugotz.”  An Italian idiomatic phrase meaning nothing.

It’s hard to innovate when you don’t innovate. It’s hard to create best in class web content (which is just content now) when you don’t innovate. It seems that Yahoo if just putting its toys in a vessel and shaking them up.  It needs new toys. Yahoo needs to make news by making interesting new technology than becomes content. Look at the home page. What do you see?  I see the ’90s.




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There are hints in the press that Yahoo might be broken up. There’s also talk that if big things don’t happen soon, Carol Bartz will be out in a year. Can anyone imagine the internet era without Yahoo? 

When was the last time you went to Yahoo to look at something? When was the last time someone sent you a link to Yahoo to see a video, or read a story or view a picture?  I go all the time to check my Fantasy Football stuff, but that’s about it. Yahoo Fantasy Sports is probably Yahoo’s biggest asset; they do some nice video programming (Charissa Thompson is a star in waiting.).

But Yahoo still seems rudderless.  I know it wants to be in the content business but it’s not buying any properties that I can tell. In this area it is losing to AOL, who seems to be spending wisely on content… TechCruch, for instance.

Carol Bartz is keeping her head down. Elisa Steele, CMO and Penny Baldwin, SVP Integrated Branding are also sub rosa when it comes to the plan forward. The latter two should be helping form the product, and I’m not seeing it.  I’m seeing some tilling of the field but not a lot of growth.  Yahoo needs an idea! Peace.

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