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Strike Two

I think the Writer’s Guild of America strike is going to end very shortly. Why? Because a number of shows like Colbert, Letterman, Leno and The Daily Show are going back on the air without writers. And when these show do well and media companies realize that, economically, less can be more, things will start to change and snowball fast.
Do you really believe the aforementioned talk show hosts can’t pull off 60 or 90 minutes of interviewing without a bullpen of writers feeding them jokes? I’m betting between the entertainers’ smarts and the smarts of the people they interview we’ll see some fine television. Who knows, maybe some of the drama producers and actors will pick up pens and bang out a vamp or two. 
We are close to the end of the strike. Happy holidays all!

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Writers’ strike.

The Writers Guild of America went on strike last night at midnight and unless resolved quickly we begin to impact the quality of electronic media soon.  

DVD and online usage revenue are the key care-abouts. Figuring out compensation for online usage of written content is going to be difficult. Hollywood and other entertainment writers don’t want their art to be distributed freely, but knowing how to charge for it will not come easily.  I suspect similar usage tariffs normally associated with TV and Cable will be extended toward DVD and online, but the formula will be the sticking point.  DVD usage can be quantified, but online tracking still has a way to go.  Tracking of online objects and their usage is in our future and it is fundamental to resolving this strike, but I don’t think it will impact the new contract. Bet on the new contract being a short one. Maybe 2 years.  

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