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News flash! The click-through rate on banner ads is shrinking. Hee hee. Even clicks on large size ads like the leaderboard will continue to wane. The creative is getting better, as is the targeting, but let’s face it, the units are not very compelling.
The best creative talent in the selling business is not at online ad shops. The best storytellers, most “abruptive” thinkers, funniest writers and best artists, are not graduating college saying “I want to work at Organic.”
Ad agencies ceded the online business to the digital shops and are about to take it back. Digital shops grew not because they knew how to do banners, but because they could develop landing pages, ad server strategies, tracking metrics and optimization plans while the rest of us said “Say what?”
As social computing continues to take the lead in online traffic growth and banners become last year’s model, I look to the boutiques, then big agencies to take back creative storytelling and selling on the Web. Tom Carroll, are you listening?

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Posters and Pasters

By and large, the world is made up of two types of people: Posters and Pasters. The former tend to be original thinkers who create and post original content while the latter copy other’s content and make it available.  Copying on the Internet consists of Control C then Control V in the Windows world, and it couldn’t be easier.

Pasters.  You know who you are. You wrote term papers in college with those lengthy quotes that ate up space and long Notes sections behind the bibliography. The easier technology makes it for people to be pasters, the more pasters there will be. 

A kid from England, Nick Haley, developed a TV spot for Apple’s iTouch and posted it to YouTube. ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKQUZPqDZb0 ) It was so well-liked, Apple and its ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day took the idea, polished and aired it. The agency is a paster. Nick’s inspiration for the spot was a song called “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex,” which runs in the background. Nick, too, is a paster.

In marketing today, there is way too much pasting and not enough posting. Pasting provides context and borrowed interest, making the communication and selling process faster. But the best sales pitches are always original. Where’s the beef, pasters?

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