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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Fast Twitch Media and twitch point planning, and from the quality of the responses it seems I’m on to something.  Faris Yakob of KBS+P is in the fast twitch neighborhood when he refers to our low latency culture, and others who talk about integrating transmedia solutions are similarly on the trail.   It’s a nascent practice but quite exciting. One key to effectively getting people to twitch from one media type to another, with the goal of taking them closer to a transaction, is to create intrigue. Especially in a low-interest category.  If we are talking Gillette razors, you don’t need to twitch me to a treasure map or man-scape video game, but you do need to get me to think, feel and do – within the context of a brand idea. Go Daddy got this years ago, albeit shamelessly and sans selling idea.

As the mobile online experience improves, and it’s not there yet, a twitch to a website is only a pants pocket away. A twitch to a hastag. A QR code to a video. A geo-check –all within arm’s reach.  Print ads are already becoming short form billboards using a call to twitch. Check out the new Kobo e-reader ad in The New York Times paper/paper today.

The RGAs , Crispin Porter’s and 72 and Sunny’s are thinking twitch point planning — they just don’t call it so. And they are trying to decide who is responsible for it. Media people, creative, geekuses?  The answer is yes. Peace!

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So you’are standing at the store, say in the frozen cookie dough aisle, trying to decide between Sweet Loren’s and Fat Boy’s. One has butter, one has no dairy. The pictures of the cookies look great on both boxes but one package feels a bit more “healthy.” You are debating wheher to buy healthy but can’t make up your mind. What do you do? You break out your smarty and take a picture of the QR codes on the package and twitch over to a website for an in-depth look at the product? Sure, why not.

QR Zombies

I’ll tell you why not, retailers would spit the bit. Good stores are crowded enough, can you imagine what they’d be like with zombie-like consumers consulting their phones in the aisles watching 110 second product videos? Talk about shelf-talkers! This is not what retailers want, trust me.

Packaging needs to sell. It need to close the deal. Great designers know people will only read so much on a package. It’s an art. Designers will include less copy and more picture if there is a QR code on the pack – and it will cause a retail revolt. On resets will QR code containing products be put on lower shelves, get fewer endcaps, loose facing strength? I love QR codes. They are awesome. That said, POS (point of sale) is where you buy not where you do homework. Peace!

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