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Following is Jack Dorsey’s off-the-cuff articulation of Twitter’s brand strategy. “To be the fastest and best service to show what’s happening in the world.”  It was stated in a NYT article discussing the executive departure of Adam Messinger, Twitter’s chief technology officer. I very much like it. It’s focused. It’s organically tied to Twitter’s best feature. It works from a macro point of view and micro point of view.

Twitter is like New Coke.  If it were to go away or change, there would be a revolt.

I’m sorry to hear huge investors want more stock growth. I’m sorry senior officers want to leave. I’m sorry the leadership isn’t what it might be. But Twitter is bigger than all those things. Twitter is the world’s instant mouthpiece. In 750 years when the planet’s denizens are all speaking one language and share the same color skin Twitter will still be around. And Mr. Dorsey’s brand strategy will still hold.




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Change Dot Org.

The governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, stepped back from his anti LGTB position yesterday after taking a ton of flak from the NC populace and feeling the economic heat of large organizations who pulled out of the state to show solidarity. Though he has not completely reversed – it’s a step toward making most parties happy. (Pet peeve: Do journalists try to make it hard to understand their prose? Example, “But he stopped short of opposing limits on which bathrooms transgender people could use….”     Stopped short (negative), of opposing (negative), limits (negative) – that’s net negative, right?)

Only in politics can you get away making a big change, listen to the people, change your mind and reverse course, and end up being better off than where you started. But that’s not really true.  When Coke launched New Coke, changing the formula, Coke drinkers were in an uproar. In one of the greatest marketing parries ever, Coke dashed New Coke and came back stronger than before. Most brand and marketing journalists will tell you the move galvanized Coke drinkers and re-launched the brand in a stronger position.

I’m not sure if governor McCrory is in a position that is stronger than ever, but I wouldn’t be surprised. When the people speak and you actually listen, it shows they have the power. Consumers and voters like that. It’s okay to listen and it’s okay to change.  

Try it. Peace.


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Here’s the thing, everybody and her mother thinks Instagram’s decision to change its privacy policy, claiming all photos posted to the platform are now the property of Instagram and available for sale, is a bad idea.  The early naysayers are protesting by shutting down their accounts.  Are those people Instagram lovers or, as I once wrote on a brief “tech grumpies?”

In my world, where I try to look at things in the obverse to gain perspective, this might actually be a strong move for Instagram. Akin to new Coke.  The people that really love Instagram will weigh in, not shut down.  If the platform is worth saving, and I suspect it is, the masses will help with the solution. New Coke was one of the best things to happen to old Coke and this move by Facebook (recent purchaser of Instagram) will likely end up being the same – though I’m not sure Fothcbook is this devious. More likely they are stepping on their you knows. Hee hee.

Monetization is not the enemy. Lack of outside perspective is.  In 6-9 months, Instagram will have a new monetization plan in place, whereby some of the photos on the platform will be available for sale, others not, and all will be well. This is the word of the future. Peace!


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Arenas and Adidas

Gilbert Arenas a nasty-good basketball player for the Washington Wizards has been blogging for Adidas. But in a recent post he let loose that the second Gilbert Arenas Signature Shoe is a major dud. In fact, he stated it looks like a ballerina slipper and he wouldn’t wear it. 

What a mistake! Or not?
Sure it would have made great sense to have Mr. Arenas on board before the shoe went into production. Duh. By a strange twist of fate though, this approach may actually work for Adidas, but only if they recognize their folly and redesign the shoe to Mr. Arenas’s specification. It could become another New Coke debacle that turns into a positive. The player vs. corporation. If Adidas puts the power in the hands of the player, to really design a cool shoe, how much is that worth? Like a basketball game that has its ebbs and flows, Adidas need to go with this.
Stay tuned.

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