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Truffle Insights

Brand planning insights are a dime a dozen.  Upper echelon planners know which insights are the truly special ones. They know which to chase and which to leave alone. Insights that change markets are like truffles. Truffle Insights make you sweat. They set off the galvanic skin response.  Truffle insights spark what Maslow referred to as a peak experiences.

I once did a deck while freelancing at JWT on the Microsoft Office business, containing 7 or 8 truffle insights. There were so many the deck got filed.  It impressed but was hard to deal with. Too many truffle insights creates the “fruit cocktail effect,” it tastes good but leaves no visceral differentiation. So savor your truffle insights. Don’t re-bury them.

I’m reading David Brooks’ NYT Op-Ed piece today in which he discusses the 10,000 hour rule researched by Anders Ericsson and written about by Malcolm Gladwell. It suggests 10,000 hours of practice can trump innate intelligence.  Do 10,000 hours make you a truffle insight digger? Not necessarily. But it certainly helps.

If you put in the work and burnish your instincts, you may just becomes an effective truffle insight hunter.



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Gooing Goggle.




No, that’s not a typo. Gooing Goggle is the obverse of Google’s new ad campaign “Going Google.” Ad campaign? Yes, ad campaign. Fueling its insatiable need to make mo’, mo’ money, Google is now targeting Microsoft Office with an out of character  campaign to promote Google Apps. The Going Google campaign will take many forms, including outdoor billboards, but most noticeably we’ll see it infect Twitter – a component will look more like a virus than viral.


This effort, if not shut down quickly, will do Google more harm than good. Going Google is fine, being told to go Google is ham handed (what ever that means). Google continues its pursuit of dominance in all things digital (Google Voice is next) and has  been drinking so much Kool-Aid they forget America and many countries dislike the overdog.   


Sorry Google, this effort is going to ratchet up your negs. Start watching the comments in the social stew. (Come on? Asking people to print out anonymous nuisance notes and pin them to bosses computers: “Please, please, please, can we go Google?)  You had better clean the goggles quickly. 

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