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Brand planners like to write and talk about “context.”  For Robert Scoble, a mentor of mine, context online and in technology is a driver of the next big thing. Well I’m here to tell you context sometimes can be a deterrent.  Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, Byers is a really small VC company. They made gazillions investing early on in technology – them daringly decided to focus on things that will help save and make more sustainable our planet and went into green tech/clean tech

Along came a number of big technology plays Kleiner missed out on and all of a sudden they become more famous for the money they didn’t make and a couple of big green technology investment busts. (We are in the infancy people, relax.) Also, one problem was context.  Sustainable energy isn’t just solar panels and electric cars, it’s about ways to build planet-sustaining renewable energy. It ain’t just code. Contextually, Kleiner Perkins needed sector people looking into geothermal and algae and stuff we’ve never thought bout – stuff we can’t say.  Yet they were hoping the sector would be more like tech – hence the words clean tech and green tech.  Me thinks they should have been looking closer to the green and clean side of the house. That’s where the big payouts will be.

When a small grade school in Copenhagen, NY can heat and cool itself using geothermal technology, that’s a green clue. Could we have done the same for the Freedom Tower?  Who’s asking?  Kleiner Perkins should be. Peace


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There was an article yesterday in The Wall Street Journal suggesting that until recently, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufiled & Byers took a siesta on investing in tech companies while placing bets on clean tech.  So post-nap, after having missed a number of cool tech start-ups, they hired Mary Meeker a great mind, data organizer and trend reported to help them earn some new stripes in the VC area which they kind of invented.  Kleiner is still interested in clean tech but The Journal reports they’re refocusing on the tech sector in a hearty way.

If clean tech was easy it wouldn’t be worth investing in.  Please, please John Doerr, give “clean” your best.  Find exciting new energy engineers. Find algae chemists. Optical engineers. And biologists with the vision to help us plot the way.  We’ve only got a million more years on this planet and your investments in clean energy will make a difference.  Making money is cyclical, history is not.  Stay the course my Kleiner brothers and sisters!  Clean us up. Peace!

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I have a picture of a tee-shirt on one of my Zude pages that reads “I Facebooked your mom.” 

Well, it looks like Steve Jobs just Facebooked Mark Zuckerberg.  Jobs and John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins announced yesterday that they are setting up a $100 million fund to support software developers who create apps for the iPhone.  Okay, maybe Jobs borrowed the idea from Mr. Zuckerberg, but in a true senior, capitalist moment he has created a more tangible monetary incentive for independent coders which should bring them and their sticker bedecked laptops scurrying to the iPhone. 

Put away those cow tossing apps. Put away those nuisance invitations to join the best haircut club, or the “Who has the best gap-tooth smile” group.  Now you can make some serious. Money.


Approved iPhone apps will go up on a new service called the App Store (Get it? App, as in Apple.)  Apple will keep 30% and I’m not sure if the remainder goes to the developer or if Kleiner keeps some points, but it is sure going to beat counting cows.


That’s a nice first day on the job for Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s new COO. More on her later.  Peace out from Canadian Music Week!


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