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Anthony Noto was just names CEO of SoFi, the online banking lender. Mr. Noto came to my attention when named chief marketing officer of Twitter – with nary a marketing bone in his body. He was hired as Twitter’s CFO, then slid over into marketing side of the house (two hats) after spending time at Goldman Sachs and the NFL.  The gent knows finance and business. And gets technology, but he’s no nerd.  I’m betting he’ll really find his footing at SoFi.  Having spent time with Jack Dorsey and absorbing the Square’s platform and financial designs, he’ll have a nice non-Goldman view of the world.  

Still not sure if Mr. Noto is a marketer but marketing is easier with a great product. And I’m guessing he’ll be able to take Sofi’s gerrymander-the-lending-market approach and build some smart products.

Money, be it paper or digits, isn’t going away. And Mr. Noto is back where he belongs with some nice learning along the way.

Watch him.  



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twitterOriginal thinking and original content is what makes Twitter great. Sadly, the other thing that makes Twitter great is the reposting of that original thinking – a behavior called retweeting. Were I to guess at the number of Post (original content) versus Pastes (reposters of OPS/other people’s stuff) it would probably be 15%-85%.

Twitter has a growth problem, says the business and investment community. I disagree, but I’m not of that community. One suggestion I would make to Jack Dorsey and team is to elevate in importance Posters and Poster behavior. Retweets of OPS is a great viral tool, insuring dispersal of content through the Twitter web but it’s not the center of gravity of Twitter. That lies in originality of the 140 character impulsive share.

I choose whom to follow based upon their Poster/Paster behavior. If their feed it filled with OPS and Retweets, I tend not to add. They are social fidgets (okay, that’s too harsh) and curators.

In my business, where I’m always looking for influencers, opinion leaders and smart observers of brand and marketing insights, I hunt for Posters.

Dial up the Poster amplitude Mr. Dorsey and you may dial up your financials.



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I’m sure Jack Dorsey is superman. But this whole dual CEO thing makes me a little crazy. Not a fan. It’s hard enough to run a prosperous company as a single person — but to split time between two companies with one public and under intense pressure and scrutiny? It’s not a recipe for success. Mr. Dorsey must know this. Perhaps it’s an ego thing. Even if his brain is two times bigger than the average executive, he’d be better off focusing his full attention on one company…as he did as when helping found Twitter. Leave Square to someone else for a few years.

Twitter is way more than a technology company. It’s a learning company. A news company. A comms company. An earth flattening company.

Part of the problem today for Twitter is earnings. That’s what happened to public technology companies. As an advertising medium Twitter is average at best. It wasn’t built for advertising. Imagine shutting down the emerging America railroad system before it crossed the country because it couldn’t sell enough ads on the sides of trains to pay for the rails.

Let’s all take a breath. Rushing Mr. Dorsey into accepting half-a-job and putting pressure on him to deliver revenue before its time is a mistake. The outcome won’t be pretty long term. (Hope I’m wrong.)



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