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Bullets vs. Tweets.

Which is more powerful the bullet or the Tweet?  I’m not likely to keep my ass down if someone is firing off a Tweet at me, but one can safely say the Arab Spring and its Gandhi-esque approach to changing the world is way more a function of Tweets than bullets. That’s power.

As we get nearer to UN Resolution 194 on a Palestinian State I’m very nervous about bullets.  Very.  The Arab Spring uprisings have, for the most part, been internecine struggles.  But the Palestinians and the Israelis are anything but.  Leading up to the U.N. vote on the Sept 23rd, the world will be watching.   And this is no platitude or verisimilitude, the world will be watching.  Thanks to Twitter and Twitpics and YouTube. 

If there is bloodshed over the resolution it will be front page news and winners and losers. And certainly lots of spin.  If there is no bloodshed, just civil disobedience and true debate, there will only be winners.  It will provide new steps toward real compromise. 

Gandhi didn’t need Twitter…but had he a smarty and some agile thumbs, independence in India may have taken months. Peace!

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TV and The Internek


Sorry, I just like saying interneK (hard k). While the head of marketing at now defunct I woke up one morning to see a crazy influx of new users from India. Remember the UPS commercial where the employees of a new online company huddled around the monitor when the service is launched to watch as orders come flooding in. Slowly at first, then as a scary deluge. Anyway, during the Zude deluge our CTO was exchanging snot mail on blog comments with a competitor (whose funder was in India) and I wondered if our servers were under attack; if the competitor had created a bot to signup fake users. (Paranoia is a bitch.) Turns out they were all real users.

I hadn’t done any promotion outside the states so was at a loss. Well, after some digging I found out that an MTV India had done a review in a tech segment pulled from coverage by U.S. tech bloggers Robert Scoble, ReadWriteWeb, TechCrunch, etc.  Zude was on TV.

TV still wields an amazing amount of power. There’s a validation of your story when it’s on TV that sometimes doesn’t happen on the Web. TV is part of the virus that results from good communications planning even if you are not buying GRPs.  No channel is unimportant.

I’m not sure about Twitter’s (cha-ching) numbers in India, but if they want to grow users there, which is an excellent idea, they may want to get in touch with MTV India. Peace!

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