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I grew up in an area that produced 80% of the world’s hard shell clams.  The clams had great names like cherry stone, little necksand top neck.  To the uninformed or visitor to the Great South Bay, an opened clam was and is quite a sight. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, a little neck has some purple and crimson on the shell, pink on the muscle, rich caramels and tans on the meat and a little pocket of black (don’t ask) –a bit like a nursery school drawing.  The clam is nestled in a cool saline broth that to some appears like what my father might have called “the doggie’s dinner.”  

uncle carlEnter Uncle Carl. A transplant to Los Angeles, Uncle Carl had two reasons to come back East. One, to visit family.  Two, to eat clams. And eat he did. Voraciously.  To watch his face, to hear the smile-affected slurp, to listen to his appraisal of each morsel (at my young age I wasn’t always sure of all the metaphors) was to know consumer love.  Without telling me I needed to try them, Uncle Carl was the hard shell clams’ best salesman. He didn’t entertain, he didn’t story tell, he didn’t need a spokesperson – he just shared the experience. Experiential marketing, modeling marketing are two of the best sales tools in the kit.  

Though hard shell clams are not that common here today on the Great South Bay, they are still among for most wonderful treasures on the planet. Treasures I may never have tried had it not been for Uncle Carl Alf. What a salesman, what a teacher. Peace.

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Is the channel dead? Which channel you say? The TV channel. The retail channel. The state channel through the Great South Bay due to Hurricane Sandy? (No, not that one. Ish.)  With Netflix amazing turn around and the growth of all access streaming TV services, one has to wonder if the TV channel will still be around in 10 years.  I don’t travel alot but when I do and try to find Justified while in another city, I have to channel surf the TV live like pig on a ruffle.  By the time I get there, if it’s even the right day, it might be partly over. All of which might be exacerbated by the fact that a commercial might be on when I do hit the channel — whichever it is TBS, USA, what evs.  In the age of Google, this is silly.

As for the retail channel. Amazon and Zappos and Marmot (I yike them) dot com are places to get the products I want, at prices I want, while sitting in my chair. So long as I’m programmed to shop in advance, it saves gas, time, stocking and availability issues and provides good consumer ratings systems. The brick and mortar retail channel has lost some luster. And bucks.

And communications channels are starting to blend together too. Videos are available from newspapers and radio shows available on blogs. Media will shake out and be more about content than the circuits and pipes delivering them.

How do we deal with this? How do we get ahead of this?  We create brands. Brand that transcend channels.  To a hammer everything looks like a nail, you say? Hee hee.

A frigid peace to you.


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