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Here’s one of my favorite song lyrics. It’s from the rawness that is David Allan Coe:

The old man was covered in tattoos and scars;
He got some in prison and others in bars.
The rest, he got workin’ on old junk cars…
In the daytime.

I was reading the paper paper today and noticed a nice big Rolex ad featuring Lindsey Vonn skiing.  She is not covered in tattoos but might as well have been.  Here are some of her sponsors: Red Bull, Spyder Thinsulate, Nature Valley, Charles Schwab, Audi, Visa, Sprint and Alka Seltzer Plus — and that’s just on the front of her racing suit. She also represents Head skis, I believe, but they’re on her feet and hard to see.

Red Bull

I tweeted a couple of weeks ago before the Olympics that someone smart should pick up Lindsey and sponsor her. Within an hour someone from Red Bull (good job monitoring, btw) responded that they were her sponsor. Red Bull has done a better job than some with Lindsey – they own her helmet – but the reality is much of their stuff is still tattoo-like.  As Bob Gilbreath says in his good book The Next Evolution of Marketing (better known as Marketing with Meaning), tattooed logos aren’t particularly meaningful.  The reason I didn’t know Ms. Vonn had sponsors was because no one had really pushed their brand idea into her being.

I read somewhere that the Red Bull branding idea has something to do with “flying.” Can’t tell from their website.  And if I can’t spot a brand idea, there probably isn’t one. Sponsors need to understand themselves before they can create a meaningful and promotable relationship with a spokesperson. They need to know their idea. Peace!

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There is a Rock and Roll Jesus…and it isn’t Bruce Springsteen. Kid Rock may be a bit of an acquired taste, but he certainly is genuine. As a father of two who might have a teen in the car at any time, I alternately giggle and cringe at some of his lyrics, but the man has some serious soul. Yeah, some self-references and bawdy rhymes are a bit overdone, but to hear him sing “Portrait” with Cheryl Crow, or rhymes like “I’m in it to win it, like Yserman” or “I’ve slept in dumpsters, got high with kings” puts Kid, in my mind, up there with others who sing from the heart. Ever been to Detroit? This dude is Detroit. Ever hear David Allan Coe sing?
Hard edged musicians who write from the soul can lose focus and edge when they become rich. Green Day is no longer a punk band, but their music has grown and refined. It still rocks. Kid Rock is driving nice cars but he’s still hanging with the “people.” That’s his “idea.” Bruce, still rocks I guess, but his focus is on larger world things and his past. He lives in a gated community, I’ll bet. Enough said.
This week, Kid Rock sold more albums than Bruce, rising to #1. There is a new Rock and Roll Jesus in town. And he made the floor boards bend at Irving Plaza last Tuesday. It’s been a while since that has happened.

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