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Just got back from Web Expo 2.0 in San Francisco. Zude had a booth and it was packed all three days, and even one night with Robert Scoble stopping by Zude is a social computing platform that lets users of any technical stripe create and manage their own web presence.  Web 2.0 Expo is an enterprise show favoring IT types, so it was pretty cool to see all the people lined up at the booth interested in our consumer web application.

Zude recently attended two consumer shows: South By Southwest and Canadian Music Week, the demographics for which were generally younger than for Web 2.0 Expo. Two interesting observations about the demographic comparisons: the IT community was much more interested in social networking and social media than I had expected, perhaps even more so than at the music shows. And secondly, IT people still love paper. At SXSW the attendees were almost defiant in their desire to stay away from paper, yet at Web 2.0 Expo, we had to run out to Kinko’s a couple of times to reprint data sheets. Old school and new school. Interesting.

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I have a picture of a tee-shirt on one of my Zude pages that reads “I Facebooked your mom.” 

Well, it looks like Steve Jobs just Facebooked Mark Zuckerberg.  Jobs and John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins announced yesterday that they are setting up a $100 million fund to support software developers who create apps for the iPhone.  Okay, maybe Jobs borrowed the idea from Mr. Zuckerberg, but in a true senior, capitalist moment he has created a more tangible monetary incentive for independent coders which should bring them and their sticker bedecked laptops scurrying to the iPhone. 

Put away those cow tossing apps. Put away those nuisance invitations to join the best haircut club, or the “Who has the best gap-tooth smile” group.  Now you can make some serious. Money.


Approved iPhone apps will go up on a new service called the App Store (Get it? App, as in Apple.)  Apple will keep 30% and I’m not sure if the remainder goes to the developer or if Kleiner keeps some points, but it is sure going to beat counting cows.


That’s a nice first day on the job for Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s new COO. More on her later.  Peace out from Canadian Music Week!


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