Product Naming Fail.

In my brand strategy presentation to prospects there’s a slide on the “fruit cocktail effect,” what happens when you try to be too many things as a brand. Nobody would argue, in fruit cocktail the pear tastes like the peach which tastes like the cherries, grapes and pineapple.  One boring, sweet syrupy mess.

I was in a BJs yesterday and noticed this little device.  It is a multipurpose snow removal tool.  But who could name it? It offers a brush, ice scraper, squeegee, ice chipper, telescoping handle, detachable handle and a few other odds and ends.  To accommodate all the functionality and utility at a price point attractive to most consumers, the thing is make of cheap plastic. If it lasts two now storms I’d be surprised. The point of the post, though, is what to call this thing so it has a at least a slim chance to live on and evolve into a viable product?  Good names follow the Is-Does rule (what a product Is and what it Does).  There just no way to name this thing. I believe the box called this thing a snow brush.

They didn’t even try.